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Professional Wedding Photography Services in Camarillo

Trinity Visuals provides professional wedding photography and videography in Camarillo that will ensure your special day lasts forever both in heart and in frame. Every special moment is captured exactly as it happens throughout the day through with a focus on candid shots.

This means we don’t have to take away from the celebration with your loved ones, but you can still expect professional results with our candid photography

Our videography capabilities also mean the walk down the aisle, first dance, and other treasured shots can be replayed for the rest of time. While you’re on your honeymoon, you can rest assured that Trinity Visuals will choose the best possible shots and return them to you scrapbook-ready. Turnaround within 1-2 weeks is a staple of Trinity Visuals’ friendly and personable service so that you aren’t waiting months after your special day has passed. Our free initial consultation also ensures we can discuss your goals and needs before the big event.

Wedding Photography Packages That Work for You

Trinity Visuals ensures that your wedding will be captured in full. Whether your dream location is a scenic ranch in the rolling hills of Camarillo, or on the beaches of Ventura County and Santa Barbara, you can trust Trinity Visuals to make the photography and videography special. Full wedding packages include everything from preparation to the reception—all the while focusing on the bride and groom as well as the family and wedding party. 

If you’d like to make an announcement before the big day, you can also schedule an engagement session as an addition to your wedding package with the experts at Trinity Visuals. Contact Trinity Visuals today to learn more about these budget-friendly wedding packages and to schedule your complimentary consultation.